Monday, September 13, 2004

Book Review: Safely Home 

I have recently finished reading Randy Alcorn's book Safely Home. Next to the Bible, this has been the most life-changing book I have read. The book is about former college roommates, a U.S. business man and a Chinese man, who are reacquainted many years after graduating college and losing touch. It a fictional story based on elements of real-life experiences and accounts. The Chinese man and his family are Christians from a long heritage of Christians who have suffered persecution for their beliefs. The U.S. business man is a fallen-away-from-the-church Christian. The story shows how faith in God is strength that can overcome any adversity. It highlights a flawed world more concerned about the bottom line and maintaining appearances than standing for principles and moral behavior.

Like no fiction book I have read before, it forced me to re-examine my faith and my life's testimony. I am grateful to Randy Alcorn for putting such an inspirational work into print and for what he does with his organization Eternal Perspectives Ministries for the persecuted church. I plan to purchase several copies of this book and use them as evangelistic tools.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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