Friday, November 07, 2003

Please Don't Hurt Me Again 

the same old struggle
renewed again today
heart that was mended
broken anew

I feel like screaming
flooded with resentment,
anger, frustration
end of my rope

what will it take
to heal these wounds
to lift the crushing weight
from my chest

endless cycle
out with the bad
in with forgiveness
here we go again

my hope above all
is that this is the last time
the last time i'll ask you
not to hurt me again

Good Review of Matrix 3 

Check out www.lileks.com for a remarkable review of Matrix 3 posted today in his blog called The Bleat.

Thursday, November 06, 2003

Proud Mama 

Today I had a parent-teacher conference for my kindergarten-aged son.

My son is precious. He is beautiful to look at, petite with dark eyes and an olive complexion. He seeks to please people in whatever he does. He holds himself to a high standard; he strives for perfection. He has a long attention span and absorbs almost everything to which he is exposed.

His teacher started the conference by telling my husband and I she wishes she had a classroom full of students like our son. It was really touching--she and I were both so happy we were nearly tearful. She reviewed his academic evaluation and showed us some of his work. It went so well. I am so proud.

Thank God for the experience of feeling pride in our children and their accomplishments. He has given us this child as a gift. Oh, the joy this child brings us!

Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Praise God! 

I just talked to the mortgage company to explain that my paycheck was short and the payment that I owe would be late. The woman to whom I spoke was very understanding and made a notation in my file. She reassured me that that would be OK. I fearfully expect the worst and then receive the kindest response. How wonderful is our God!

Being Made to Choose 

I read today of a Colorado court case in which a mother was given a directive not to expose her child to any "homophopic" teachings. She is a Christian woman. This places her in a dilemma of having to choose between raising her child and practicing her faith.

If you think this is an isolated case and that this won't affect you as a Christian, think again. Listen closely to the news. Hear what is being said in your workplace. Watch what is going on in your community. We as Christians can be confident and strong in our faith, but know that it is going to be tested. Be prepared to face the test and hold your ground. The more of us that do, the better off we will all be.

There is an organization dedicated to protecting the US Constitution, protecting religious liberty, fighting to protect life, and fighting to protect the religious rights of Americans. It is the ACLJ (www.aclj.org). It is a good beneficiary of your financial support. It may not be long before many more Christians are pursuing legal assistance like that which they offer.

Monday, November 03, 2003

You Will Provide 

Today I found out that my paycheck was short--short by a significant amount. Aaaaarg! This is one of the many mishaps that have happened with regard to my getting paid over the last 12 months. First, a company disputed charges for my hours worked on an invoice. They still haven't paid us. We are in the litigation process on this one. Second, a company paid on invoices due after 90 days of badgering from our collections person. My getting a paycheck hinged on payment of those invoices. Third, the company processing paychecks for us got the routing number screwed up and paychecks were delayed. Now, the latest issue is being investigated, although I'm pretty sure it's a problem with the company processing the paychecks.

God has provided a lot of blessing for me, so I really shouldn't complain. He has given me opportunity in the form of my new job, and hopefully, I won't have to lament over paycheck woes anymore.

Trust is a seriously difficult undertaking. Why should I have trouble trusting the Creator of the universe? It's a much more serious thing I contemplate than financial security.

God take the burden of financial woes from my shoulders. You are much more capable than I of handling it. I will sleep better tonight knowing that You are taking care of this for me. You will provide.

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