Thursday, July 29, 2004

Bloggers at Conventions 

Where do you find news? Traditionally one would read a newspaper, watch television, or listen to the radio.  Today I find myself turning first to my computer and the nearly boundless array of information available via the Internet.  The web logs, or blogs, I read provide me with a variety of perspectives on current events and issues.

Many web log jounalists, or bloggers, share their opinions.  Some bloggers provide in-depth coverage of current events. My perception is that surfing blogs allows the freedom to form one's own opinion, given all the different points of view and slants provided.  One thing is for certain--reading web logs has opened my eyes to the bias of major media sources.

Notably, this week in Boston several bloggers were given media credentials at the Democratic Convention, and will be given credentials at the Republican Convention.  It's a breakthrough of immense proportions that blazes the way for bloggers of all genres to be invited to cover genre-related events. The value of the information provided by bloggers is starting to gain widespread recognition.

Congratulations to the bloggers invited to attend the conventions, including Matt Margolis of Blogs for Bush. Matt has announced that he has been invited to blog at the Republican Convention next month.  Click the following link to read part of the official invitation he received.
Blogs For Bush At The Republican National Convention

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