Friday, October 31, 2003

Through Heaven's Eyes 

I've watched the movie "Prince of Egypt" a dozen times or more on DVD with my two young sons. I enjoy it equally as much or more than the kids. Each time I take away a little more. Some thought of how it applies to my life strikes me, and I am forever changed.

The last time I saw it, I remember distinctly Jethro giving Moses a lesson in purpose, specifically God's purpose for him. Is a stone on the top of the mountain any greater or less than a stone at the base? If I'm feeling self-important or weary of my responsibilities, I need to recall that I have a place in God's plan. What the plan is I may not know, but I am part of a majestic mountain--of this I am certain.

In honor of the movie, and poetry day at B's ramblings, I am posting the lyrics to "Through Heaven's Eyes".

A single thread in a tapestry
Though its color brightly shine
Can never see its purpose
In the pattern of the grand design

And the stone that sits on the very top
Of the mountain's mighty face
Does it think it's more important
Than the stones that form the base?

So how can you see what your life is worth
Or where your value lies?
You can never see through the eyes of man
You must look at your life

Look at your life through heaven's eyes

A lake of gold in the desert sand
Is less than a cool fresh spring
And to one lost sheep, a shepherd boy
Is greater than the richest king
If a man lose ev'rything he owns
Has he truly lost his worth?
Or is it the beginning
Of a new and brighter birth?

So how do you measure the worth of a man
In wealth or strength or size?
In how much he gained or how much he gave?
The answer will come
The answer will come to him who tries
To look at his life through heaven's eyes

And that's why we share all we have with you
Though there's little to be found
When all you've got is nothing
There's a lot to go around

No life can escape being blown about
By the winds of change and chance
And though you never know all the steps
You must learn to join the dance
You must learn to join the dance

So how do you judge what a man is worth
By what he builds or buys?
You can never see with your eyes on earth
Look through heaven's eyes
Look at your life
Look at your life
Look at your life through heaven's eyes

Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Sign Me Up for a Make-over 

Have you heard of the "Movie and a Make-over" on TBS Superstation? Well, today is the day I sign up.

I was looking at myself in the mirror as I combed my hair this morning and I realized I have had long hair since high school. I need to start thinking about what "looks my age". Heaven knows it's probably long overdue. Some of the clothes in my closet date back to college, and I still wear them! Yikes! Do I sound convincing? I sure hope the folks at TBS think so.

Tuesday, October 28, 2003

New Job 

I feel lost in the overwhelming amount of information coming at me from all directions in my second day at my new job. The new job is a great relief for me, having given up the life of an independent consultant for this new quest as a permanent employee. I have the security of knowing how much my next paycheck will be and when it will arrive. For the last year I have been at the mercy of the invoice--hoping one would get paid so that I could get a check. My lofty ideas of how glamorous the world of independent consulting is have been shattered by some pretty harsh reality.

I admire the people who have the capacity to live without knowing where the next dollar is going to come from. It pays a better rate, but is it really worth the anguish? Good luck to you independents who continue with the struggle. I am through with it for now.

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