Friday, March 12, 2004

Ode to Madrid 2004--Spanish Version 

La gente inocente
Sobre negocio diario.
Las bombas detonadas.
Vidas tomadas rápidamente.

La tristeza y el anhelar.
Una sensación del desesperación.
¿Cuántos morirán?
¿El lastimar no parará nunca?

Luto de la pérdida
De las vidas inocentes.
Somos juntos.
Como lluvia como las lagrimas.

El Cielo es triste para el inocente.
El asesino sonrió desviado,
Orgulloso de su conquista.
Ningún honor en asesinato.

¿Inculcan miedo?
En el contrario.
Chispean un fuego.
¡No toleraremos esto!

Ode to Madrid 2004 

Have you seen the still photos or video of the people in the streets of cities across Spain today? I am amazed at the number of mourners and demonstrators. It is difficult to fathom the number of people as I look at the video footage that pans across Madrid and see how the crowd goes on and on for miles. The show of solidarity against yesterday’s terrorist attack reflects the remarkable strength and perseverance of Spain’s people. Terrorist attacks meant to instill fear and bring about division have instead given the people a firm resolve.

Ode to Madrid 2004

Innocent people
About daily business
Bombs detonated
Lives taken swiftly

Sadness and longing
A feeling of dread
How many will die
Will the hurting ever stop?

Mourning the loss
Of innocent lives
Standing together
As rain falls like tears

Heaven cries for the innocent
Murderers smirk
Proud of their conquest
No honor in murder

Instilling fear?
On the contrary
Sparking a fire
We will not stand for this

May we in the U.S. be reminded of the attack of September 11th and find renewed resolve in building our defenses so that this type of event doesn’t happen again. And may we show our support for all of our allies in this fight that it may not happen to them again either.

Thursday, March 11, 2004

Over 170 Killed Today in Madrid 

I awoke to my radio alarm clock this morning as usual. The news story that was being told was one I could hardly believe. The news anchor said there were over 170 people killed in a series of bomb explosions on trains and in train stations in Madrid, Spain. The horror of this brutality is hard for my mind to resolve.

There was minimal coverage of the tragedy on television and radio station news to which I listened as I prepared for and drove to work. The media will not hesitate to repeat over and over how many U.S. soldiers have been killed in Iraq but won’t give adequate coverage to such a horrific attack of terrorism as what occurred today in Madrid. I strongly support acknowledging the sacrifice made by our soldiers in war and paying homage to those true heroes, but the purpose behind stories reporting the number of soldiers killed is not acknowledgement or homage, rather it is to further some political agenda. Those networks who now fail to spend the time reporting what is really news should be ashamed.

I spent several months living in Spain, most of the time in Seville, in 1990. I was there studying the Spanish language and had a lot of time built into my schedule to travel and sightsee. I brought a bike with me on my trip and used it to ride to various places. Upon arrival in Spain, I used my bike to get me from the airport to a train station and a train bound for Seville. I rode many miles while in Madrid and met many people along the way. I have a place in my heart for the city and its people on that account. Today’s attack on any people in any country would warrant a sense of compassion for their loss, but the attack of these people in this country punctuates that feeling for me.

I would like to express my condolences to those who have experienced direct loss and heartache because of what has happened in Spain today. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

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