Friday, July 16, 2004

Terrorist Musicians? 

Check out the article at the following link (courtesy of Lilek's Bleat):
Terror in the Skies, Again? By Annie Jacobsen

Our country has gotten back into its normal routine, with thoughts of the 9/11 terrorist attack becoming distant memories. This article serves as a necessary reminder of the looming threat.

What the article doesn't say:
We have enemies. We should be afraid of those enemies. We should not be paralyzed by that fear but use it to strentghen our resolve.

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Where is Kerry's Sense of Decency? 

You won't see much of it in the major media, but the latest political stunt from the democrats will get exposure here. It happened at a private memorial dedication for families of 9/11 victims on July 12th. Senator John Kerry showed up.

The press was kept away from the event, yet Kerry saw fit to attend with entourage in tow. Kerry's spokesman David Wade said of Kerry's appearance at the event, "This isn't a day for politics, and John Kerry attended the ceremony quietly and respectfully without staff in tow, keeping the media at a distance." Contrary to the statement from his spokeman, Kerry milked the situation for his political interest, staying much longer than other leaders, shaking hands, posing for photos before he left.

I can only imagine what his arrival, albeit late, must have meant to the family members. Apparently, he left with just as much commotion as when he arrived. So much for a respectful memorial for lost loved ones.

Don't be surprised to see footage of Kerry with grieving family members in an upcoming Kerry advertisement. Family members were disturbed that the Kerry campaign allowed television crews to film over the Public Garden fence - capturing video of Kerry with grieving family members in the midst of his presidential campaign. It sickens me as much as it sickens one of the 9/11 widows who said, "I bet he couldn't even name anybody on that wall."

For more on this story follow this "Blogs for Bush" link:
John Kerry Offends Familes of 9-11 Victims

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