Friday, April 02, 2004

Smith-Withers and "Laci and Connor's Law" 

How can anyone who purports to know God defend the right of a woman to choose to abort a baby?

Rev. Dr. Roselyn Smith-Withers, a Baptist minister and clergy counselor for the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice, is an example of such a person. "I believe God speaks to women and enables them to make decisions for themselves," she says. She was one of two pro-abortion witnesses who testified before the US Senate in early March that no research is needed into the health risks associated with abortion. She even went so far as to say she had never met a woman who regretted her abortion but had met many women who “regretted having children.”

In researching Rev. Dr. Roselyn Smith-Withers, I came across the blog After Abortion that contains news, opinion, and personal experience posts pertaining to life after abortion. It has a lot of interesting and provocative content, including a substantial amount of content that contradicts Smith-Withers testimony. I have added it to my “Recent Discoveries” and plan to return to it soon.

In somewhat related news, news which enrages the pro-abortion crowd, the president signed this week a law protecting unborn victims of violence. Under this law, any person who causes death or injury to a child in the womb as a result of violence perpetrated against the pregnant woman will be charged with a separate offense, in addition to any charges pertaining to the woman. Dubbed “Laci and Connor’s Law,” the Unborn Victims of Violence Act recognizes the child within the womb as a person with rights.

In this moment of sanity, I take a deep breath and sigh as a bit of humanity shines through from the abyss of the political machine. I enjoy it for what it is in this exchange of punches between those who recognize life and those who don’t—a round won by the good guys. The litigation to upend this law in already underway, and as of now, there is no way to know who will win the next round. (We know who wins the last round, though.)

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