Friday, April 16, 2004

Kerry Flip Flops 

From conservative comedians The Right Stuff web site:

March 28, 2004


(photo of Terry McAuliffe with caption 'Don't Tread on Me')

CHRIS WALLACE: "Campaign paraphernalia is in the news. Democratic Party chairman Terry McAuliffe's new office sports a doormat with a picture that looks like George W. Bush (photo of doormat). The caption says 'Give Bush the Boot!'"

(Photo of John Kerry and flip-flop sandals with the caption: 'If the Shoe Fits.')

"Not to be outdone, a group called 'Right Stuff Comedy' has come out with a new brand of summer footwear -- John Kerry Flip Flops. Each one has a before and after for Kerry on a number of issues ... Well, there's never any flip-flopping by our panel, Brit Hume, Washington managing editor for Fox News, and Fox News contributors: Ceci Connolly of The Washington Post, Bill Kristol, Editor of The Weekly Standard, and Juan Williams, Senior Correspondent for National Public Radio ..."

Wednesday, April 14, 2004

What Should President Bush Have Said 

I would have liked for the president to have been more clear and concise in the press conference last night. It sounded to me as though he was ill-prepared to deliver the speech and to answer the questions posed by the press. I am concerned that the president’s attention was diverted from the press conference to other more vital matters yesterday and that his speech writers failed him at a time when he really needed them.

I’d like to propose that the president’s message have included information along the following lines:

1) Reiterate the fact that the war is taking place in Afghanistan and Iraq; it is not against Afghanistan and Iraq.
2) Emphasize that the goal of the war is to improve U.S. national security by:
• limiting the number of terrorist training facilities
• targeting the terrorist network leaders for capture or elimination
• sending a clear message to world leaders that terrorist-friendly governments will not go unpunished
The president had made it very clear in the early post-9/11 days that we would not tolerate anyone supportive of terrorists. This is a message that deserves repeating.
3) Although we were primarily on a mission of defense of our country against potential threat in Iraq, there was an additional consequence—the overthrow of a repressive regime in control of Iraq. We have freed an oppressed people, and by ridding them of a repressive regime we have opened ourselves to a long-term commitment—to provide an environment conducive to an independent, democratic government that will be able to withstand internal strife, be a respected and contributing member of the international community, and be an ally of, or at least friendly toward, the U.S.
4) Our commitment as a country to this cause is going to cost more lives, the lives of our honorable men and women in the military. It is not without heaviness of heart that we as a country are able to support that commitment. By making that commitment, and by working to improve homeland security, we can prevent some, if not all, future terrorist attacks on U.S. soil.
5) Everyone in this country, including the administration, you reporters, and all citizens, are engaged in this war in some capacity. We are obligated to maintain awareness of potential threat and to report suspicious activity. We are obligated to support our troops in whatever way we can, including offering assistance to the families of deployed military and condolences to those who have suffered the loss of loved ones as a result of this war.

The passion of the president for this cause did not come through in his words clearly last night. I believe it is still present. I believe he should show it.

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