Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Spiraling Into Darkness 

The FDA is considering making the morning-after pill obtainable without a prescription. I heard this on the news this morning and felt deflated, like I had a heavy weight tossed on my chest. I felt like crying not only for the babies that could be lost to this drug of convenience, but also for the many women who don’t see any moral implications to using such a drug.

While contraception is widely accepted in secular society, contraception is a tricky issue among Christians. While some hold to no use of any type of contraceptive, others are not convinced. The Bible’s message is pretty clear—God created us to “be fruitful and multiply”—anything else is against God’s wishes. Yet I am getting away from the subject since this drug doesn’t even fall into the realm of contraception.

Is the morning-after pill a contraceptive? In my opinion, it is not. Development of a fetus, even in its earliest stages, will be underway in the first 24 to 72 hours after conception. That is the time frame for taking the morning-after pill. Abortion clinics are probably shakin’ in their shoes over the potential lost business. Maybe they’ll start stocking the morning-after pill. After all, isn’t that where a pill that can cause the abortion of a baby belongs?

I dread the day I walk into a pharmacy and find “abortion” pills next to aspirin products. Society regards getting rid of an inconvenient child in the same sphere as getting rid of a headache. It’s a sad state our country is in. Is there any hope for recovering from this spiraling into darkness?

I hope I can make a difference. I will teach my children a way that respects human life. I will speak up for babies when challenged.

I will give God glory and pray that He look after us. For in my opinion, it is only with God’s help that we can help. And it is only God who can bring about an end to all suffering and the spiraling of our society into the darkness.

Tuesday, November 25, 2003

So Busy 

As Thanksgiving approaches, I think of all the hustle and bustle the holidays will bring. I'd rather not rush around shopping and attending holiday parties. I'd rather spend some time with my husband and children at home, relaxing. We could use the time to get over colds, to catch up on sleep, to be together as a family. That's what I want for Christmas. Alas, you hardly ever get what you want for Christmas.

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