Friday, January 30, 2004

Lovely Rose 

Once blossoming bush, now simple stem
As winter turns to spring
So the simple stem starts to bloom again

Leftover stem from fall
Returns to life as weather warms
From what seems lifeless, bits of green appear

Little bits of green unfurl,
New shoots and leaves
Grow out of once stark stem

Numerous and flourishing
Leaves of deep green drink up
Light, heat, and water from above

At shoots’ tips tiny buds appear
Well-watered and fed, warmed by the sun
Lush, green plant prepares to dazzle

Tiny buds expand until ready to burst
Until petals emerge
Tiny buds show signs of becoming flowers

Petals packed in tiny green shell
Expanding and growing
Petals find their way to the surface

Opening slowly, as if shy
As if peeking out from under the covers
Showing a beautiful smile, showing their color to the world

What was pressed so tightly together
Spreads apart, overlapping layer after layer
Outside petals curling back, making room for the next

At that moment, form and shape just right
Color and fragrance please the senses and attract the bee
The plant is magnificent, fulfilling its destiny

As petals grow and expand more
Weight of flower grows too great for stem
And flower hangs its head

Petals loosen and as wind blows
Petals float away on breeze
With color gone, the flower’s smile fades

Breeze grows colder and leaves fall off
Green stem turns to dull brown
Preparing to endure the winter

Your flowers lifted our spirits, little bush
And we will come back to you next year
To see you grow and flourish once again

I Agree! 

Here is an email I received from a reader named Stephen:

"I totally agree with your comments in "Why I Support George W. Bush"!
I've been spending over two years arguing day in and day out with
professional Bush-haters, and boy, is that tiring!

I've just started blogging at

I'm still learning how to put links, etc. on the blog. But right now, I
need to go to bed, I have the flu. Good night!"

Monday, January 26, 2004

From Blogger to Blogger 

Thanks to Mark Nicodemo for the following email:

"I started blogging recently. You can check out my work at http://www.marknicodemo.blogspot.com. If you like what you see, please consider adding my link to your site. I'd be happy to reciprocate!"

You'll notice I've added a link to Mark's page, currently under "Recent Discoveries". Mark's recent blog on fashion designer/liberal Kenneth Cole is a good read--insightful and logical. Keep up the good blogging, Mark!

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