Thursday, January 22, 2004

Congratulations, CBS! 

Have you heard that the contest-winning ad from MoveOn.org will not be aired by CBS during the Super Bowl? A friend of mine forwarded an email to me from MoveOn.org. The email expresses displeasure with the network's decision not to air the ad. The email calls upon its readers to let their CBS affiliates know of their displeasure with the network's decision.

I am elated to hear that I will be able to watch the Super Bowl without being subjected to the negativity and hate-mongering that the folks at MoveOn.org are promoting. I have already sent a feedback form (www.cbs.com) to CBS, informing them of my support of their decision. It is one option for contacting them and letting them know what you think. If you are like me and want to voice your opinion on this, you could also use the feedback form or call your CBS affiliate. The list below is affiliates in Minnesota:
WCCO-TV, Minneapolis: (612) 339-4444
KDLH-TV, Duluth: (218) 733-0303
KEYC-TV, Mankato: (507) 625-7905
KCCO-TV, Alexandria: (320) 763-5166

I'd like to see a stronger show of support for the decision than against. Let's show them how we feel!

Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Why I Support George W. Bush 

There are a lot of people in the U.S. hung up on appearances. A media that promotes things like glamour, glitz, and sex appeal has influenced them. That influence sways their decisions, even the one of who should run their country and why.

I was watching the movie "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" with my two young children the other night and noticed the starkness of the characters. Their appeal was not in their glamorous good looks but in their sensibility and integrity. It wasn't about being polished and well groomed, it was about working hard and struggling. It was about making a way for oneself and not compromising one's values. It was about being real.

We have a president who is real. While he gives many fine speeches, he is not the world’s greatest orator, nor would he claim to be. He has charisma and is a fine looking man, but the wise ones know the temporary nature and hollowness of those attributes. He is a man of upstanding values and character. He stands by what he believes even when he is challenged. He faces complex problems and finds solutions without compromising the things he holds true.

I am proud to support such a person as our current president and as a candidate in the next election.

Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Our Saving Grace 

Jesus Christ
Son of God
Our Redeemer and our Lord
Came to bring us all
Everlasting life

Prince of Peace
Word made flesh
Our Salvation, Teacher, Counselor
Died on the cross
And rose to life

Our Saving Grace

His sacrifice gives us a chance
To be with Him
You have been given the choice
Now choose Him!

And there’s no way you can lose!


He will come again one day
It is written
And He will rule over the world
For it is His will

He is our awesome, glorious King!


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